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Almost every garment is unique, which shows how highly we value craftsmanship, creativity, and competence here at TIMELESS | bespoken. And of course we also customize garments according to your patterns and individual ideas.

Your individual robes and gowns from TIMELESS | bespoken

High-end manufacturing, exquisite and unique finishing of the finest and noblest fabrics in combination with a first class consulting while considering individual ideas – these qualities are reflected in the robes and gowns of TIMELESS | bespoken.

Robes and gowns for a unique clothing experience

From the highest quality judicial robes and academic gowns to elegant church gowns for ladies and gentlemen,
TIMELESS | bespoken stands for timeless fabrics, and traditionally customized models which meet the highest quality expectations. Our materials are subject to exclusive standards which we constantly examine in detail. In spinning the wool, we use particularly long-fibered wool which produces yarns of the finest quality. This enables us to obtain cloths with very few protruding fibers that are extremely comfortable to wear. Our judicial robes and academic gowns correspond to the highest expectations of our customers due to the particularly precious raw materials we use, and lend the office bearer a stylish, elegant appearance.

In addition to judicial robes, we also offer church gowns for dignitaries. We use materials of the highest quality to make our elegant gowns. The cloth is extremely breathable, and has a fine shimmer which does great justice to the office of the church dignitary.

Exquisite fabrics for robes of the highest quality

At TIMELESS | bespoken, we offer our customers various fabrics to choose from for their robes or gowns. We use cashmere and silk of the finest quality, which lend a subtle shimmer to the robes, and are especially comfortable to wear due to the lightness of the material. Our Merino wool comes from a selected breed of sheep from New Zealand and Australia. This breed produces ultrafine wool, which is woven to create a very supple cloth with a natural elasticity, whose high performance features are ideal for judge and lawyer robes.

Because of the meticulous manufacture here at TIMELESS | bespoken, almost every garment is unique. Our tailors are here to support our customers with almost limitless possibilities to create the robe you desire. We look forward to taking on your personalized orders so that we can create robes precisely according to your requirements so that your robe is unique and individual. At TIMELESS | bespoken, the quality lies in the detail: yokes, borders, and seams are worked with great craftsmanship - and this is how we meet our customers’ expectations and desire for perfection.

We offer more than robes

In addition to robes and gowns, we offer our female customers a varied selection of business and evening wear which fits perfectly, and is available in the finest materials. Our models are produced with the greatest know-how and superb dexterity. They will always meet your expectations, and will impress you with their first-class comfort. At TIMELESS | bespoken, we aim to complete your outfit and lend it that certain something with our wide range of accessories.

For gentlemen, we also offer a large selection of business wear that fits comfortably and is made of fabrics of the highest quality. Our product line also includes sports coats and suits, which are classically cut and meticulously tailored. Our offering of high-quality models for the sophisticated taste is rounded off by our range of accessories, therefore ensuring a perfect, high-class bearing for the gentleman.

At TIMELESS | bespoken, your purchase of a robe, or business or evening wear will be a unique experience. We are very pleased to deliver our products to your home, of course, but we would regard it as a special honor to welcome you here in Landshut, and to present your new garment to you in person.

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